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What is the difference between the Individual and Business License?
What is the difference between the Individual and Business License?
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The difference between Individual and Business comes down to just a few things.

With Individual Licenses

  • Agreements are written to you, the individual, so you alone have permission to use our content in your projects. (Sharing login info, raw assets, or saving raw assets on shared drives is a violation of our Individual License.)

  • Any downloaded content is non-transferable and can only be accessed by you, the license holder.

  • You’re covered by $20,000 in indemnification.

With Business Licenses

  • Agreements are written directly to your business, so you can have team, department, or company wide use of our content.

  • A legal relationship is established between Storyblocks and your business, ensuring that your business is properly licensed to use our content. Because your company holds the license, it does not matter who the individual users of the content are, as long as they're covered within the scope of the agreement. We have no relationship with individual users on a legal level.

  • All downloaded content is covered with worldwide rights in perpetuity, enabling you to distribute your projects around the globe through any channel.

  • Your company is covered up to $1M in indemnification.

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