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Subscriptions and Licensing: Frequently Asked Questions
What does it mean if an asset is licensed to a “business” or an “individual”?
What does it mean if an asset is licensed to a “business” or an “individual”?
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Assets licensed to a business provide legal coverage for your company and usage rights for your company’s users. Your business is covered by $1M in indemnification and has fully unlimited distribution. Content downloads can be shared across a team, department, or even an entire company, depending on the structure of your agreement.

Assets licensed to an individual provide legal coverage and usage rights for the individual person only. Singular stock media files licensed to an individual cannot be shared with others. While you can share your finished projects, you do not have the rights to distribute the underlying original stock media assets or project files.

Please note that if you have an Individual License but are creating on behalf of your company, your company is not licensed nor protected against legal issues. In the event that you leave your company, the rights to all assets go with you and your company cannot use your raw assets or finished projects.

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