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Are there any limitations to the Storyblocks licenses?
Are there any limitations to the Storyblocks licenses?
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We try to keep our licenses as restriction-free as possible, but we do have a few limitations.


You can’t re-sell or re-license any of our stock files.

Using content for unlawful purposes

You cannot use our stock files in a way that encourages violence or for unlawful purposes.

Logos / Trademarks

You cannot use our stock files as logos or trademarks.

Model Releases (Model/Property Releases)

If there’s a recognizable person or property in one of our images or videos, we’ll clearly indicate whether that content has been “Model Released” or “Property Released.” A release means that the model or property owner gave permission for their likeness to be used in commercial projects. If you don’t see a release indicated, you can probably still use the content, but you need to get written permission from the model or property owner to be fully covered.


You cannot use automation, such as computer scripts, to download or “scrape” high volumes of Stock Files, nor can you do so manually if your intent is simply to stockpile content. 

  • People often ask what we mean by “high volumes” of clips. Although this is a case-by-case determination, as a rule of thumb, it is perfectly fine to download a few dozen of our most beautiful clips that you think might be useful in the future. 

  • By contrast, downloading 500 files at once without intending to use them anytime soon would qualify as abuse.

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