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What to do if YouTube flags my audio content
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We understand how frustrating YouTube claims can be, so we’re working hard to make it as painless as possible for our members to have these claims resolved.

The best way to reduce YouTube claims is to add your YouTube channel ID to your Storyblocks account:

  • Locate My YouTube Channels section of the My Account page

  • Add your YouTube channel ID

When you provide us with your YouTube channel, we’re able to have most claims automatically resolved within 30 minutes - no additional action required by you!

If you have already provided Storyblocks with your YouTube channel ID and your claim was not resolved, you can use our Claims Dispute Form, which typically resolves claims within 72 hours.

When submitting a dispute, please ensure that your video is published as Public or Unlisted for the claim to be resolved. If the video is set to Private, the claimant cannot review the dispute or drop the claim.

For more information on YouTube claims and why they happen, check out our FAQ article on the topic, as well as our blog post.

If you have Content ID enabled on your YouTube page, you may only claim your 100% original created content on Content ID. You may not claim any 3rd party materials, including materials you licensed through Storyblocks. Our license agreement explicitly prohibits the use of our materials on Content ID.

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