Is a Storyblocks for Business plan the right fit for me?
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Choosing the right license type can seem difficult, but we’ve made it easy. If any of the points below sound like you and your company, then you should explore a Business License for your company.

  • Does the license need to be written to your company and not you, an individual?

  • Do you need a license that provides up to $1M of indemnification for your company?

  • Will there be other people in your organization creating projects on behalf of the company and accessing raw content?

  • Is your company large enough to not know all potential users within your organization?

  • Do you want to ensure your company remains licensed to use our content, even if you no longer work at your company?

We also have some great licensing resources available on our website that go further in depth into the differences between our Individual and Business licenses.

Ready to get started? Head to our Plans & Pricing page to get the right plan for you.​

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