Why am I getting a Content ID claim "on behalf of Storyblocks"?
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Does Storyblocks track its audio library using Content ID?

Certain aspects of the Storyblocks library are tracked on Content ID using a 3rd party partner. Any revenue gained from unauthorized use is split between the content creator and Storyblocks. We do this to i) protect our exclusivity over the content, and ii) uphold our agreement with the composer. However, if you properly licensed a song from us and are receiving a claim, that claim has been placed by our 3rd party partner in error.

If you believe you received a claim in error, there are several steps you can take:

  • Make sure your Storyblocks account includes your YouTube ID (go to Account > My YouTube Channels and enter the ID there)

  • Contact Us so that we can tell our partner to release the claim; or

  • Manually dispute the claim using YouTube’s interface.

All claims should be released within 72 hours. To avoid claims in the future, we recommend you provide us with your YouTube Channel ID so that we can ensure claims from HAAWK don't impact your channel.

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