What to do if your video received a copyright claim on Facebook

Learn the steps to resolve any copyright claims on Facebook videos you've shared with Storyblocks content.

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Copyright claims can be frustrating, especially when you've obtained a license to use the content that is in question.

While we have many tools to help resolve YouTube Claims, Facebook has a less robust system that requires you, the video creator, to directly dispute any claims for content you've received from Storyblocks.

When disputing a copyright claim through Facebook, let them know that you are licensed through Storyblocks to use the content. If you're able to - you can also provide a copy of your license agreement, which you can download from your Member Dashboard.

Updates and next steps for resolving the claim will come from Facebook directly after filing your dispute.

While extremely unlikely, if the appeal is rejected - we recommend uploading the video to a host site like YouTube or Vimeo and then sharing the link on Facebook as an alternative solution.

For more information on copyright claims and why they can happen even when you have a license, check out our FAQ Article on the topic.

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