How do I export and download a video in Maker?

Exporting and downloading video projects in Maker

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This article will walk you through exporting and downloading a video project in Maker. If you're having problems exporting or downloading, read our article on troubleshooting common exporting issues or ask us for help.

  1. Once you are ready to download your video, click the "Export Video" button

2. On the following screen, select your desired resolution and then click "Export" to begin rendering your video

Please note: If you aren't on a Storyblocks subscription that includes Maker, your downloaded video will come with a watermark. You will need to upgrade to a plan that includes Maker to remove the watermark.

3. Once your video is done rendering, you can either:

  1. Download it as an MP4 by clicking "Download Video"

  2. Send a shareable link to someone so that they can preview the video.

You can also access this shareable link from My Projects in a project's drop down menu.

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