How do I add new typefaces (fonts) in Maker?

Upload custom fonts into Maker and use them in your videos

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Are you trying to get your brand's font into Maker? This article will show you how you can upload your own font files.

  1. Go to a project in Maker and select a text element on the timeline

  2. Once a text element is selected, a "Text Properties" menu will appear on the right side of the editor

  3. Click the "Typeface" dropdown

  4. At the top of the dropdown menu, click the "upload typeface" button

  5. Select the font you want to upload

Once uploading is complete, your new font will appear at the top of the Typeface dropdown under "My Typefaces."

Please note: the font will use the file name in the drop-down, so be sure to name your font files appropriately.

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