Several updates were made to the Individual License (previously called the Standard License) and announced on August 25 2021. Most of the changes made were to drive clarity and consistency for all our customers.

Ultimately, the key benefits and coverage of the Individual License that our customers loved remains unchanged. Our license continues to grant you, the creator, a perpetual, worldwide right to incorporate the stock media files you obtain from us into any work you create and distribute that work anywhere (whether for your own business or a client).

Here is a summary of the changes:

  • Clarifications around the max number of users allowed Individual Licenses within a single company or organization

  • Clarifications around prohibiting the sharing of login information

  • Clarifications around using our content on music platforms such as Spotify

  • Updating the name of the "Standard License" to now be the "Individual License"

  • Updating the name of the "Enterprise License" to now be the "Business License"

If you are interested in extending the licensing coverage to use our stock media assets to your entire company, or directly to your clients, check out our Storyblocks for Business plan:

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