Have you ever wanted to change the font style or color that you're using for an entire project in Maker? Or decided that you want a slightly different shade of blue for all of your image and video overlays?

If so, you should check out our bulk style editing features in Maker, which allow you to:

  • Apply a style to an entire project: change font style, font colors, and overlay colors to ALL text and color overlays in your project with the click of a button

  • Set a default style for new elements: change the default font style, font colors, and overlay colors that are applied when you add new elements to a project

To find the style controls:

  • Open up a project in Maker

  • Select "Style" from the menu on the left side of your screen

  • Set your desired font colors, font styles, and overlay colors

  • Either:

    • Click "Apply" to apply your new style throughout your entire project

    • Click "Set as default" to make the selected style your new default

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