How do I add a logo or image overlay to my Maker project?

Learn how to add logos and other image overlays on top of video backgrounds in your Maker projects

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Are you trying to add a logo or some other kind of image overlay to your video?

There are three different ways to add an image to a video

  1. To upload a logo, select Logos and click Upload Media

  2. To upload an image that you want to use as a background or overlay, select Upload and then click Upload Media

  3. To add an image from our stock library, select Stock and then search an image that you want to use

Once you've selected an image that you want to use as a logo or overlay, drag it into your project, or select the small + icon to add it into your project.

Once your image overlay is added, you can :

  1. Change its size and position by moving it within the preview window

  2. Choose where it appears in your video (and for how long) by adjusting the image overlays length and position on the timeline

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