You may have encountered an issue when attempting to download more than one item in your folder at a time. If you selected more than one item to download, but only successfully downloaded one, it’s most likely related to your browser’s pop-up permissions.

In order to download multiple files from your folders, we need you to accept individual download prompts for each file.

Depending on your browser, these prompts appear in a pop-up window. If your browser blocks pop-ups from Storyblocks, you will not be able to download more than one file at a time. Use the steps below to adjust your browser's settings to allow multiple files to download at once.

If you use Google Chrome

To enable these pop-ups in Google Chrome, click the button in the top left corner of your browser window and change the setting from “Block” to “Allow”.

If you use Mozilla Firefox

To enable these pop-ups in Firefox, click the “Preferences” button in the banner and click “Manage pop-up settings...” > Block pop-up windows > Exceptions > add > Save Changes.

If you use Safari

For the best experience with downloading content and using our site, we recommend using either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Once these settings are updated, you should now be able to download multiple files at a time from folders.

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