• Click on this link to go to the Storyblocks Plugin on Adobe Exchange: https://exchange.adobe.com/creativecloud.details.108662.storyblocks.htm

  • Download the plugin by clicking the button that says “Install Now” if you are logged into Creative Cloud or “Free” if you are not logged in. A Creative Cloud account is required to download Adobe Exchange plugins

  • When prompted, click “Open Creative Cloud Desktop App” to open the Creative Cloud desktop app. You may need to close Premiere Pro to proceed with the installation.

  • In the Creative Cloud app, click “Install” for our Storyblocks plugin.

  • After successfully installing the plugin, open Adobe Premiere Pro and open an existing project or start a new project. You may be prompted to close Premiere Pro before installing if you already have it open.

  • Navigate to Window > Extensions > Storyblocks to find the plugin and access with your Storyblocks login. Now you’re all set!

Please note: The plugin is compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro versions 15.4+ (2021 and above)

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