To manually update the Storyblocks plugin, follow the steps below or check out this quick tutorial:

  1. Navigate to the Adobe Exchange page for the Storyblocks Plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro.

  2. Click on “Manage” if you already have the Storyblocks plugin installed. This will open up your Creative Cloud app.

  3. In Creative Cloud, click on “Update” for the Storyblocks plugin. You may be prompted to close Adobe Premiere Pro first.

  4. Once updated, open up a project in Adobe Premiere Pro, log into Storyblocks, and access the latest version of the plugin!

Note: All future enhancements to the plugin will be automatically updated in Premiere Pro; if you downloaded the Storyblocks plugin after September 21st, 2022, just relaunch the Storyblocks plugin to access the latest version.

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