What is covered under the Business License?
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With Business Licenses, agreements are written directly to your business, so you can have team, department, or company wide use of our content depending on your contract.

A legal relationship is established between Storyblocks and your business, ensuring that your business is properly licensed to use our content. Because your company holds the license, it does not matter who the individual users of the content are, as long as they're covered within the scope of the agreement. We have no relationship with individual users on a legal level. This means that:

  • All licenses are royalty-free in perpetuity—you’ll never have to pay royalty fees to keep your license.

  • Unlimited projects—there’s no need to track how many times you’ve used your assets.

  • Licenses are valid worldwide—there are no geographic restrictions.

  • Truly unlimited distribution—there’s no limit on merchandising or print media reproduction for our Member Library files.

  • Can include up to $1,000,000 indemnification for business license holders.

  • License covers usage across a team or company for both internal and commercial projects.

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