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How long does it take to encode & upload my recordings?

Learn about typical upload & encoding times for recordings

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Did You Know❓

You are not required to remain in the encoding & uploading window once the process has been initiated. You can continue to browse the site or keep editing your Maker project while the encoding & uploading happens in the background.

In general, encoding & uploading a recording you create can take about as long as the duration of the recording.

The quality, resolution & duration of your uploaded file can also impact the time it takes to encode & upload, as it will impact the size of the file overall.

It is recommended that you keep any recordings for your Maker project under 5 minutes in length since Maker typically cannot export projects longer than 5 minutes.

💡Pro Tip: Rather than creating long recordings in a single take - try making your recordings as shorter snippets. That way if you make a mistake during the recording, you only have to re-record a short snippet!

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