How can I record my screen in Maker?

Learn how to use Maker's screen capturing tool in Maker

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Maker includes a screen recording tool that allows you to easily record & add your own screen captures from your device into your Maker project.

First, you'll open your Maker project and select the Record button in the left panel.

Then select Record Screen.

❗Important ❗

You will be prompted to choose what to share with the screen recording tool. You can choose from the following:

  • A specific tab from your browser

  • An entire browser window

  • Your entire screen

You can then begin your screen recoding by clicking the Record button. Once you're finished recording, select the Stop button.

You can then review your recording, and when you're ready, select the blue check mark to begin the Upload process.

💡Pro-tip: Rename your video recording before uploading so it is easily recognizable within your Uploads bin

You can then locate your recording in the Uploads bin & add it to your project from there!

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