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What is Account Verification and why do I have to verify my account?
What is Account Verification and why do I have to verify my account?
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What is Account Verification?

Account Verification is a secure way for us to check that the person trying to log into an account is actually the account owner. We require you to verify your account when logging in from new or unverified devices to ensure no one else is attempting to access your account.

Why do I have to verify my account? Why does Account Verification matter?

We take data privacy and security seriously.

Verifying your device is a way to secure your account and ensure your projects are properly licensed. Each Storyblocks account is for one person only. Sharing a username and password opens your account to risk of a potential breach. Any other person accessing the account and using Storyblocks content is a violation of the license and risks shutting down the whole account.

Note: Sharing accounts is against our Terms of Service. If you need access for more than 1 person on your account, we have features that let you easily collaborate with your teammates while everyone uses their own secure account - just contact us here to learn more!

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